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In Search of Creative Leadership for Social Change in Africa

The more I think about the possibility of a new Africa where you will no longer worry about whom you know but the strength of your intellectual capacity, the more I see the need for transformational leaders who would see creative possibilities in what others only see as the daily mundane. Galileo, without doubt, qualifies as this type of transformational leader.

History book had it that Galileo, in 1583, at the age of 19, attended prayer at the magnificent Cathedral, a ritual he observed every day. However, on this particular day, he got distracted by the swing altar lamp as it swings back and forth by using his pulse as a metronome to time the swinging of the altar lamp. He noticed that no matter how far or how short the lamp swings, it takes an equal amount of time for the lamp to swing back and forth. The big idea that sprung forth was Galileo’s invention of a pendulum clock. I hope you will acknowledge the greatness of Galileo’s invention. Can you imagine our world today without that crucial invention of time? The modernity we have today would be a far cry. The invention of time was very critical to many basic things of life. It enhances the work-life of every human. That’s why hourly, weekly, or monthly pay rate was possible. We could accurately measure the number of hours in a day. The invention of the calendar tells us the different times, seasons, and so many other things we take for granted in our generation today.

Geniuses are not unusual people with unusual brainwaves. Genius are ordinary people like you and me who have committed themselves to doing the hard work that people with talent often brush aside as unnecessary. No wonder Thomas Edison the greatest 20th-century inventor, said that “genius is only 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” It would help if you kept working daily on your dream during the daytime for it to have any chance of survival. Any dream you have but fail to work at it only becomes a daydream. You can be the next big deal in our shared expectations of the next agent of change in African society and the global arena.

In my opinion, the world as we know it is not yet what it should be. We haven’t attained a dispensation of equal human rights, unnecessary racial prejudice, unwanted killings, and violence. Police brutality must come to an end in Africa. African leaders must start respecting human life as components of the holy and uphold the dignity therein with the utmost regard for the rule of law. We must believe that a change is possible and strive to be that change we want to see. With pride in my heart, I boldly declare that we stand for this at Africana Leadership Digest and School of Transformational Leadership. This is our culture – human transformation!

It is our avowed way of life, which we are bent on propagating across the length and breadth of the Africa Continent. Our transformational leadership community is instituted to raise extraordinary leaders who are not corrupted and infected with the virus of social degeneration. Impossibilities are not in our dictionary. Our online resource platform will provide varieties of models for the desired change. We are going to raise creative leaders, and we are going to do it one neighborhood at a time! We are bringing a cultural shift to Africa.

Are you ready to be part of the train? We are moving, propelled with significant momentum to reach for the stars in the galaxies! Let’s stop talking about the problems in Africa and start focusing on the solutions. Don’t be part of the problems; be part of the solutions. Are you ready to go for it? Why not? I encourage you to go for it! We are waiting! We long for you to bring raw joy to African society with your inventions and innovations. All that you need is to think differently and act differently. In no time, you will surely make a difference! Mahatma Gandhi did it in India; Martin Luther King Jr. did it in the United States of America; surely you too can do it in Africa!

Olusegun Osineye
Author: Olusegun Osineye

Olusegun Osineye earned his Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Transformational Leadership from Boston University. He's passionate about creatively adding value to the black race by utilizing life's simple philosophy for their flourishing.

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