Fulfillment of life Through Intentional Growth and Discernment

I have conceived greatness by conceptualizing it from the perspective of the dream and the actualization of life’s goals through intentional growth and discernment. A personal growth plan is a sure recipe for your greatness and ultimate fulfillment in life. Mary Louise Wiley says, “If you want your life to be meaningful, go out and do something about it.” In other words, having a personal growth plan can make your life meaningful. My life has undoubtedly compounded and benefitted immensely from self-growth and development for nearly three decades. I started my growth journey in December 1996; it has been a fantastic thrill. You can lift your life from the mire of life by committing to personal growth and development. It is a sure way to keep a fertile and healthy mind.Let’s start by asking:

What Should A Personal Growth Plan Look Like for Me?
“Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.” – Unknown

You need a blueprint – a plan, design, draft, outline, sketch, game plan, strategy, etc. A blueprint is a detailed plan or program of action. You need to give your life meaning by giving it a detailed plan. Don’t leave anything to chance; ensure that every event in your life is adequately planned. Have a game plan for your life because that is the only way to succeed. I love soccer a lot, even though I don’t watch much soccer now. I love it when a team manager can prosecute a match by following through with his game plan. Sometimes, great talents are irrelevant in soccer, with a team manager who is a master executor of his game plan with an average talent pool. Such a manager knows how to deploy his meager resources to his advantage.

The big idea from this article is that there is no quick-fix model for growth. For your growth to be enduring, it has to be intentional and sustained over time without ever thinking for once that you have arrived as the curtain of this year is finally drawn. Reflect on what has transpired in your life over 365 days and honestly assess how you have fared. If peradventure you have not made much progress, a new year is approaching to re-strategize for you to get it right. This time, the magic wand you might need is a followed-through personal growth plan.

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Olusegun Osineye
Author: Olusegun Osineye

Olusegun Osineye earned his Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Transformational Leadership from Boston University. He's passionate about creatively adding value to the black race by utilizing life's simple philosophy for their flourishing.

  1. This passage emphasizes the importance of intentional personal growth and development as a key to a meaningful and fulfilling life. The metaphor of the bamboo tree encourages readers to embrace a patient and intentional mindset for long-term success. The comparison between mushroom growth and much-room growth underscores the value of sustained effort and planning over quick fixes. The emphasis on knowledge, wisdom, and strategic thinking adds depth to the message, emphasizing that true strength lies in intelligence and innovation. Overall, it serves as a motivational call to action for me to commit to a personal growth plan for enduring success.

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