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At Africana Leadership Digest, we are deeply committed to leading transformative change by raising exceptional leaders who will drive the expected transformation of the African society.

One of the ways through which we decided to be a part of this big change is by establishing a reading culture with a team of seasoned writers who understand the power of writing to shape a culture. To this end, if you are a talented and creative writer, we want to partner with you to bring the needed change to Africa.

When you become a writer, we will reward you for choosing to be a member of our team of writers. You will be entitled to a reward gift of $20 after writing your first five approved and published articles with us. We would also be willing to negotiate with you on your royalty for every 1000 reads your article garners.

If you possess a strong passion for writing and recognize the influential role of writing in shaping culture, we encourage you to join us today. Our representatives will further guide you on how to become a part of our esteemed team of writers. You can register by clicking the button below to fill out the form and proceed to create your account by clicking here or the “Sign Up” link located in the header, menu and at the bottom of the page depending on your device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Registering as a writer? Click here”.

We are here to help you grow and deploy your talents.

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You will need to register your profile with the following details: Name, username, contact info, preferred blog sections and discipline. Once your account is created, update your profile with at least a profile picture of yourself.

Our Blog Sections include:

  1. Government/Politics
  2. Creativity, Strategy, and Innovation
  3. Security and Defense
  4. Law/Judiciary
  5. Organized Religion.
  6. Sports
  7. Art and Culture
  8. Engineering and Infrastructure
  9. Science and Technology
  10. Space mission
  11. Education
  12. Health Care
  13. Media and Communication 
  14.  Economics and Commerce
  15.  Agriculture 
  16. Earth resources
  17. Energy
  18. Nation Building
  19. Transformational Leadership
  20. Pan-Africanism
  21. Family life
  22. Philosophy
  23. Around the Globe
  24. Digital Transformation
  25. Personal Growth
  26. Business Transformation

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